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Hiring Incentives

Plank is pleased to announce our new Team member referral incentives along with existing team member incentives.


  1. All Team members will be eligible for a bonus for arriving to their shift on time and working all scheduled shifts.
    • Team members scheduled for 3 or more shifts per week will receive a $50 bonus*.
    • Team members scheduled for 2 shifts per week will receive a $25 bonus*.
  2. 90 Day Bonus:
    • Work 90 consecutive days without receiving a documented disciplinary action and receive a $200 bonus***

Referral Program

  1. Team members who refer an applicant that gets hired  will get a $200 bonus** after the new hire works 90 days.


*Scheduled week runs from Monday through Sunday. Must be on time and work entire scheduled shift. Bonus for the prior week will be on the payroll coinciding with the week worked.

**Applicant must mention the current team members name at the time of the interview in order to receive the bonus. Team member must be employed at the time of the 90 day bonus in order to be paid.

***For team member hired after 5/3/21

Any or all of these incentives may be terminated or modified by management at any time.


Apply Here.

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