Plank is the Place to Watch NFL Games in Oakland, California

If you live in Oakland, California, and want to find a fun venue where you can enjoy watching football with other sports fans, plank is the place to go. When you want to know where to watch NFL games, come to our venue to enjoy delicious food and drinks while cheering on your favorite teams.

Tailgate Menu

Oakland is home to people of many cultures, and our extensive menu is designed to reflect these tastes. No matter what your preference is regarding cuisine, we have a dish that will make your palette happy from smoked BBQ to juicy burgers and refreshing salads. We run specials every day to help you save money on delicious food, and all of our dishes are made in-house daily with fresh ingredients.
We also offer a vast array of beverages. Whether you prefer cold beer on tap, fruity cocktails or smooth wine, we have you covered.

NFL Party Planning

When you’re searching for where to go to watch the NFL draft with friends who are like-minded sports enthusiasts, consider booking a watch party at plank. We have several private event rooms, including our infamous Boardroom, that you can reserve to enjoy football on a huge screen while consuming dishes from our chef-inspired menu.


If you want to know where to watch football in a venue with a great atmosphere and extensive menu all for an affordable price, come to plank.  We have ever-changing promotions and happenings, so whether you’re looking for discounted appetizers or want to engage in fun yard games, we have you covered. Visit us today to take advantage of our current promotions.